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Local events under the umbrella of EU Industry Week 2021 cover a wide range of topics.

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February 2021

25 Feb 2021


Стара Загора - Bulgaria 25 February 2021 - 11:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Municipality of Stara Zagora

During this day, the Trakia University will present its research and knowledge in the field of agro intensive energy. Experience of other cities facing this challenge will be also presented, as well as the way in which the circular economy and the bioeconomy can be used in this energy intensive transformation.

25 Feb 2021

Smart Factory, Learning Factory

Torino - Italy 25 February 2021 - 11:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: COMAU Academy

Comau's HUMANufacturing approach builds the “smart factory” upon robots and industrial machines collaborate safely with operators and intelligent production systems, thanks to the aid of wearable technologies and digital solutions. With the use of e.DOTM, a 6-axis open source robot, Comau and Eurada launch the European multi-regional on-line challenge to drive participants into an assessment journey regarding readiness towards the Industry 4.0 ultimate goals.

25 Feb 2021

The Affordable Housing Initiative & The New EU Bauhaus - towards a green transition in public, cooperative & social housing

Brussels - Belgium 25 February 2021 - 1:30pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Making Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050

Public, cooperative and social housing providers are at the crossroads of the social, climate and construction goals set to advance in the green transition towards 2050. In this session we will bring to the forefront the social criteria to be considered in the projects supported under the Affordable Housing Initiative and the New European Bauhaus schemes included in the Renovation Wave. The Affordable Housing Initiative and the New European Bauhaus can become the vehicle to help reconcile liveability, housing affordability and decarbonisation of the built environment – vital if the Renovation Wave is to succeed. They can serve to build upon & harness the potential of public, cooperative and social housing provider to reconcile climate emergency with social mission through their ability to orchestrate amongst the public, social economy and construction sector. Organised by Housing Europe.

25 Feb 2021

Driving Daring & Innovation in the Public Sector through GovTech Programmes

Edinburgh - United Kingdom 25 February 2021 - 2:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Scottish Government Digital Directorate

Join us for an interactive event co-hosted by CivTech Scotland, GovTech Lithuania and Accelerate Estonia. Digital is at the core of Europe's future, and the public sector plays a key role in supporting SMEs developing innovative, exportable technologies through GovTech Programmes. This session will explore proven methods of digital innovation through the rise of GovTech programmes and show how these solutions are delivering better outcomes for citizens using digital technologies, shaping their interaction with government and society.

25 Feb 2021

Metrology for a digital sustainable and clean industry

Madrid - Spain 25 February 2021 - 5:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Centro Español de Metrología 

The webinar is focused on the relevance of the digitalization of Metrology as a driver for accelerating the digitization of the industry in clean and sustainable environments. Some topics wil be put on the table: measures adopted for the reactivation of the industry; short and medium term perspectives; R&D in metrology, companion of solutions to social challenges and support to the industry, digitalization of industry in the field of industry 4.0; digitalization in the field of national metrology institutes and some related to electromobility.

26 Feb 2021


Roma - Italy 26 February 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Innovalley

26 Feb 2021

Movilidad Sostenible. Logística sostenible e inteligente

Gijón - Spain 26 February 2021 - 9:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

The future of European industry will be digital, improving efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability. However, must also be aligned with reconstruction and resilience plans. The objective of the event will be to cover 5 topics that integrate both priorities: - 5G connectivity in the industry. - European industrial data. - New digital skills for workers in the new industry. - The new clean technologies in the industry. - Smart and sustainable logistics.

26 Feb 2021

Tools and services supporting digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs

Столична - Bulgaria 26 February 2021 - 9:30am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Foundation "Cluster Information and Communication Technologies"

During this workshop interested SMEs will get information on the available opportunities for supporting their digital transformation. I4MS & SAE initiatives represent projects that have developed digital tools and services to expand the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe. ICT Cluster & DIH's representatives will present the regional opportunities for digitalization.

27 Feb 2021

Metal Materials Revolution - how can SMEs in the metal cluster contribute to Europe's competitiveness and reindustrialisation

Amarante - Portugal 27 February 2021 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: InvestAmarante 

The webinar will have two parts. In the first part all speakers, from different areas, will be asked to share about a theme, followed by a moderated panel discussion involving all speakers. Questions from the audience will be discussed in the panel and the event will be streamed on Facebook.

March 2021

1 Mar 2021

Kick off: AI Hub East Netherlands

Apeldoorn - Netherlands 1 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Regional Development Agency Oost NL

Join us for the digital launch of the AI Hub East Netherland, as part of the Dutch AI coalition. During the event we will present the East Netherlands AI proposition: Make AI work! The goal of the Hub is to create impact by valorisation of innovation in regional industry SMEs in a European market in multiple domains. The development of the AI Hub East Netherlands is strongly embedded in the S3 2021-2027 and it aims to create impact by providing digital solutions for regional SMEs based on AI.

1 Mar 2021

The European Green Deal: Are we ready? Main IP challenges for the Green Deal?

Brussels - Belgium 1 March 2021 - 9:30am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Under the new European Green Deal, the development of climate-neutral and circular products should be fostered both in the EU and globally. Moreover, having a comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) strategy in place should be at the forefront for any EU SME offering green technologies and sustainable solutions — be it in South-East Asia, China, India, Latin America or Europe.

1 Mar 2021


Luxembourg - Luxembourg 1 March 2021 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: FEDIL 

The Voice of Luxembourg's Industry- We hereby kindly invite you to participate in our 2-days program, on 1 & 2 March 2021, by following our online stream in French or English available on our website, HERE. Under the heading “A NEW INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY SHAPING EUROPE’S DIGITAL FUTURE: NOURISHED BY TALENT, DRIVEN BY DATA, REINFORCED BY TRUST” we will guide you through a program with 4 sequences. We have invited the Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel to react to CEO statements on the digital lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 crisis, the Minister of Economy, Franz Fayot, to delight us with a speech on the Industrial policy in the digital era, and the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, to spark a conversation on how the EU prepares our citizens for the jobs of tomorrow. This is your opportunity to interact, amongst others, with our Chairwoman, Michèle Detaille, with the Vice-President of the Chamber of commerce, Valérie Massin and with the European Commission’s DG CONNECT Director for AI and Digital Industry, Lucilla Sioli. A chat box to send your comments and questions will be integrated in the stream. You will see in our program that we propose varied sessions, including a workshop on data literacy & the space sector as well as a sneak peak of the national cybersecurity strategy IV! Don’t forget to register HERE. We are looking forward to entertaining you with high-level expertise and dynamic discussions!

1 Mar 2021


Brussels - Belgium 1 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT -11:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

2 Mar 2021

Industry transformation for sustainable future

City of Zagreb - Croatia 2 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

This round table will be focused on transformation of industry sector with the focus on sustainability and achieving climate neutrality. The focus will be on energy-intensive industries in the greenhouse gas emissions trading system (EU ETS). During round table there will be short presentation of programs available to finance projects (Innovation, Modernisation, Recovery fund). Special focus will be on taxonomy and preparation of project in line with taxonomy requirements.

2 Mar 2021

Industry 4.0 - a key element for a green transition.

Warsaw - Poland 2 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future


Implementing technological innovations in industrial enterprises is an opportunity to boost their competitiveness within the European Single Market and beyond, while supporting the green transition of the European economy. Smart factories tend to increase the work efficiency, flexibility of production and their revenues while reducing costs related to production and logistics. They are crucial players that need - especially in current, difficult pandemic situation - a greater financial and institutional support from their innovation ecosystems. The session aims to encourage the industry stakeholders to implement innovative solutions to improve production processes. At the same time the objective is to present challenges and obstacles that the industry is facing in the field of the green transition and to explore possible solutions and new paths of collaborations between R&I and industry 4.0 that could support the decarbonisation of economy and set global standards for the rest of the word.