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Local events under the umbrella of EU Industry Week 2021 cover a wide range of topics.

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March 2021

18 Mar 2021

Driving Change - how green chemistry and digitalization lead to a sustainable economy

Duisburg - Germany 18 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: BIO.NRW

The webinar highlights disruptive technologies contributing to the green and digital transformation: • Innovative processes enabling sustainable value creation • Opportunities of synthetic biology and biotechnology • Process optimization through digitalisation • Artificial intelligence supporting the circular economy • Applications for sustainable chemicals in consumer products

18 Mar 2021


Pescara - Italy 18 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Innovalley

A conference will be held and more Webex Rooms (physical or virtual) will be created and coordinated by Innovalley, in which participants will be able to deepen and create conditions to develop concrete projects for their community. The aim of the event is to find solutions on how industries, universities, research centres and start-ups can improve territories where those are placed, in terms of Green and Sustainable approaches.

18 Mar 2021

The EU & Japan - a new way forward Industrial transition towards green and digital economy

東京都 - Japan 18 March 2021 - 9:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: EU Delegation to Japan & EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

The EU and Japan have yet more to gain by working together to grow their economic relationship, and by aligning their mutual interests to find “a new way forward” in the face of disruptions and challenges across economic and geopolitical spectrum. The event will be a platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities notably towards (i) regulatory cooperation and new standards, (ii) technological cooperation, and (iii) business cooperation in third markets in Asia and Africa. Organised by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation





18 Mar 2021

Let us make European industry climate neutral by 2050 together!

Kyiv - Ukraine 18 March 2021 - 9:45am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Making Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050

Organised by: Industry4Ukraine Platform 


Join us in a series of talks with representatives of the Ukrainian government, business, academia and experts community related to existing and potential collaboration with European partners on implementation of the Green Deal and Digital Europe Programme. 

Ukraine not only shares the key values and principles of the twin transition of the European industry but has also committed to contribute to achievement of such ambitious goals both at the level of government and business. Recent adoption of the National Economic Strategy sets out «green economy» as the state’s major and dominant pattern. Distinguished speakers of our plenary session and panel discussions will elaborate on that in more details.

Decarbonization of Industry, Smart-mobility and Hydrogen Renewable Energy are at the main focus of our Web-conference. 

We are also happy to have Ruslana LYZHYCHKO on board as our Special guest, who is not only a famous winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, but a Global ambassador for renewable energy. In the final part of the day we will discuss Strategic Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine, which have a unique potential for Europe in terms of deepening and expanding its logistics and transportation capabilities based on innovative technologies and engineering solutions.

18 Mar 2021

Skills Alliance and the forthcoming e-mobility – Urging the ecosystem global competitiveness

Lisboa - Portugal 18 March 2021 - 10:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: Eupportunity on behalf of DRIVES and ALBATTS ERASMUS+ blueprint projects

18 Mar 2021

(Re)making friends – the revamp of the EU-US trade relationship

Brussels - Belgium 18 March 2021 - 3:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: Orgalim – Europe’s Technology Industries

A new US president taking office represents an opportunity to reset transatlantic relations. Both the US and the EU have much to gain from closer ties, and Joe Biden has expressed a desire to work with allies to repair rifts widened under Trump’s trade policy. Yet, smoothing the fractured relations may prove difficult. The next few months will be critical to the renewal of the cooperation among the two trading partners. With Europe’s technology industries producing one-third of the EU’s manufactured exports – and a EU/US annual trade balance of EUR191 billion making the US our second biggest trading partner after China -, these discussions are core to the future of our industries.

19 Mar 2021

How to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 – Finnish Low-Carbon Roadmaps: Lessons learned until now and the strategy forward?

Helsinki - Finland 19 March 2021 - 9:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Making Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050

Organised by: Technology Industries of Finland

EU aims at becoming climate-neutral by 2050 and a global trailblazer in the implementation of the green and digital transitions. In the webinar we will explore the lessons learnt from the design and implementation of the technology industries’ low-carbon roadmaps contributing to Finland’s 2035 target of climate-neutrality, the paradigm shifts needed to achieve the EU objectives and their implications to businesses, the public sector and national and EU policies.

22 Mar 2021

AI DEMO LAB GRID - A GRID of excellence innovation laboratories to bring AI into SMEs

Roma - Italy 22 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: ART-ER

The AI DEMO LAB GRID project was born in 2018 inside the AI&HMI - Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interface TSSP, with the idea to settle down a GRID of innovation laboratories able to provide AI-enhanced innovation services to SMEs. Following the first public event in December 2020, this event will present the AI DEMO LAB GRID project to potentially interested Laboratories and SMEs.

22 Mar 2021

Batteries' recycling: energising the EU green transition

Brussels - Belgium 22 March 2021 - 2:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Making Europe’s industry climate-neutral by 2050

The European Waste Management Association (FEAD) would like to provide room for discussions on the sustainable recycling of batteries, in view of the new Regulation on Sustainable Batteries recently proposed by the European Commission in December 2020. Due to a substantial increase in the production and consumption of batteries, the goal is to illustrate how the waste management sector provides sustainable solutions to end-of-life batteries. The event aims at pointing out how batteries’ recycling can substantially contribute to the circular economy and, more generally, to climate neutrality. Industrial representatives active in the sector will demonstrate how their innovative models are able to drive change and successfully contribute to the green transition.

22 Mar 2021

Chemical waste as a resource – examples from the distribution sector” (hosted by Fecc)

Brussels - Belgium 22 March 2021 - 2:00pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: Fecc (European Association of Chemical Distributors)

The session highlights opportunities for and practical experiences with using high-quality second-hand chemicals, while connecting a variety of different value chains. The result: reduced waste, CO2 emissions saved, plus the implementation of a circular business model in practice in the chemical supply chain.

23 Mar 2021

Promoting regional Innovation landscape of Industry 4.0

Kyiv - Ukraine 23 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Industry4Ukraine Platform

It is going to be a mixed-format (online+offline) event, aiming to trigger the elicitation of needs of the top industrial high-tech enterprises, formulate business cases, and generate innovative solutions to implement at the regional level. It will be an opportunity for creating a map of the Industry 4.0 representatives, engaging them into networking activities with potential European partners

23 Mar 2021

Innovation and photonics technologies - Now you can!

Vilnius - Lithuania 23 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: FTMC

PhotonHub and PULSATE, two pan-European initiatives aiming at bringing photonics in general and laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing technologies closer to SMEs, will present the opportunity to know, apply and profit from such technologies and digitization. Competence centres in all fields of photonics and experts in business development and exploitation will meet SMEs from Lithuania and Poland interested in joining the photonics revolution.

23 Mar 2021

Green Manufacturing Technology Cooperation between ASEAN and Europe for Sustainable Growth

Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam 23 March 2021 - 4:30am (GMT +01:00) Theme: EU competitiveness in the changing global competitive landscape

Organised by: Pracsis SRL 

Vietnam and its ASEAN neighbours have emerged as important manufacturing hubs in the international economy and in global supply chains. The growing demand for environmentally sound, resource- and energy-efficient products and manufacturing has created a hunger for new “Green” manufacturing technologies. With its rich technology and research landscape, innovative enterprises, and dedicated Green Growth strategies, Europe is a unique source of such Green technologies. Thus, EU-ASEAN technology cooperation and B2B partnerships can create huge mutual benefit. This one-day meeting will bring together businesses, innovators, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss the state-of-the-art in Green manufacturing and opportunities for EU-ASEAN cooperation. Through this it will pave the way for opening new doors for enhanced cooperation for mutual benefit, which will be elaborated in follow-up events and matchmaking.

23 Mar 2021

GTAI presents AI market opportunities for SMEs and Start-ups in Europe

Berlin - Germany 23 March 2021 - 4:30pm (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Germany Trade & Invest GmbH (GTAI) 

Germany is an acknowledged R&D player in AI and a huge market for green tech applications. The impact of data sciences in this field is growing and SMEs need guidance and support for business development and implementation. Implementing Data Science and AI in general are decisive for many industry sectors. Aiming to join forces and get to know about potential application sectors mainly in the greentech and climate sector GTAI plans this webinar together with Scottish partners. The event is part of the GTAI event series ’Germany – for a green and digital Europe’ designed for the EU Industry Week 2021.

24 Mar 2021

How the Digital Services Act could reshape the CEE's Digital Economy and help SMEs

Warsaw - Poland 24 March 2021 - 12:00am (GMT +01:00) Theme: Shaping Europe’s digital future

Organised by: Polish Confederation Lewiatan 

The EC has published a Digital Market Act/Digital Services Act package to strengthen the Single Market for digital services and foster innovation and competitiveness of the European online environment. New regulations could have different impacts on platforms depending on their business models and their scale. They would affect the SMEs that rely on platforms' services. The event will focus on the competition aspect of the DMA, especially on the functioning of SMEs.